Loop Network White Paper

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Transactions and consolidation

1. Introduction

Loop Network is crypto money based on a mobile-based mining system that brings a different perspective to the crypto industry where there is no energy consumption. The main purpose of this crypto money, which is named after the “LN “, which is known for its industriousness and doing its job in perfect harmony within a group, is to enable people to step into the crypto sector without any time or effort, through the group they have formed during the time they spend in the mobile world. The mining experience is playful and straightforward making it easy for everyone regardless of background or previous knowledge of the “LN “ industry to be able to earn “LN “, just by tapping a button on their phone. The best part of the concept is that it is entirely free to get started and mine “LN “, (just download our app)

Note: Loop Network (LN) is being run on Polygon block chain (Matic) and polygonscan where the transactions of LN coin can be monitored.

Network: Polygon (Matic)

Name: Loop Network (LN)

Symbol: LN 

Decimals: 18

Contract address :


Total Supply: 500,000,000 LN

Loop Network is already Register in Uniswap Exchange where you can check coin price and total supply also you can check on polygonscan. From 1st jun 2023 mining will be stop and start to withdraw your mine coins to uniswap and trusted wallet.Below some screenshots of coins details

you see price of 1 LN coin in below screenshots

2. Transactions and consolidation

The Loop Network app is start withdraw mine coin to other exchange from 1st June 2023 and provides a secure system for players to make transactions, see their balance, transaction history and Polygonscan where the transactions of LN coin can be monitored

Let's begin the cloud mining.

Download the Loop Network app and start your journey.